When Do You Need a Custom Vinyl Graphics?

There are millions of models, makes and special editions for every vehicle. So, what happens when there are no vehicle graphics templates? Vehicle wrap designers usually use a template. That’s how they know what size to print the graphics for the wraps. They ask for the model and the make as a rule of thumb. If special modifications are required, the car is usually brought a few days early to measure every nook and cranny. This means a template is custom-made.

Unlike more costly media, vehicle wraps work 24/7 for up to seven years, making it a good investment even for small businesses. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), they offer the lowest cost-per-impression at about 4 cents per thousand. A single car wrap can generate between thirty and eighty thousand impressions per day. Other marketing benefits include local targeting, brand consistency, and strategic and creative versatility.

When do you need custom vehicle branding templates? Here are three scenarios when you actually need to bring in your vehicle for measurement:

  • If you vehicle is an older make and a van wrap template is not available. Not all vehicles fit the vehicle wrap design templates available with the designer. For instance, your car model was discontinued two decades ago and there’s simply no similar template that the designer can make to go by. Also, many classic cars have no templates. An estimate would be necessary to get you in the ballpark.
  • Special sport packages may require some foisting. Other additions such as a spoiler must be accounted for.
  • Specially modified vehicles also require custom vinyl templates. The design needs to be decided and adjusted during the wrap printing in order to fit the modification.

Utilize the Experts
While you can make your own car wrap design, we still recommend you turn to the experts. You don’t have the experience they have. Besides, you don’t have to let them take over the project. You can be partners to achieve the design you want for your business. Many providers offer awesome vinyl ready designs and pro vehicle templates. You can be sure your goals will be met.

Why is it important to choose the right car wrap design?
A well-design wrap and sign reinforce your brand identity. It is a bold way to introduce your company to thousands of people. An effective wrap design is eye-catching. It immediately delivers the most important information about your business. So, you have to keep it short and make it clear. Keep in mind that drivers and passengers only have a few seconds to take in your vehicle wrap design. So, you have to strike the balance between attention grabbing and distracting.

Vehicle graphics and car wraps are a fresh way for all types of businesses to advertise. As two dimensional objects, car wrap templates can present a challenge but it can be overcome with experience and the right tools. Vehicle templates are a good start for vehicle wrap design. Thousands of templates are available for every year, make and model. Each template offer a representation of the vehicle’s parts, making the installation easier.