5 Tips on How to Market Your Business with Vehicle Wraps

Are you looking for ways to outpace your rivals without overspending? Vehicle wraps are the answer. These adorning device with eye-catching graphics can promote your business as your drivers go around town. Unlike more costly marketing media, they work 24/7 every year for up to seven years – depending on the materials used. This makes it easier, even for small businesses, tomanage expenses. With the right creative services provider, you could easily integrate car wraps into your marketing mix.

Here are five of the best practices of advertising with vinyl car wraps for your business:

  • Keep it short. The main purpose of the wraps is for people to recognize the company. As soon as perspective customers see your vehicle, they should immediately understand what you offer. For instance, place the name Roach Busters and your contact information on your wraps. Passengers and drivers will instantly know that you help get rid of these pests.
  • Make it clear. If your business name does not clearly tell people what you do, you’ll need to include a little detail. For instance, your brand name is yours and your husband’s initials – LV Chin. Include a brief list of products like “NAILS” and “CEMENT” to clarify what your business does. You can make use of images to add clarity, too.
  • Be bold. Think of large lettering and bright colors to grab attention. Keep in mind that drivers and passengers only have a few seconds to take in your car wrap design. So, obvious is good. Use designs that fully cover the car, so your logo and company name are visible in every angle.
  • Beware of hidden messages. Plenty of big name brands have made embarrassing mistakes when it comes to using vinyl ready designs, and you don’t want to be one of them. Make sure you analyze your company name to see if there are letter combinations you need to watch out for. For instance, you are selling butter. Make sure the last “t” stays with the “e” every time, even when the downs are down or doors are open.
  • Think about your car. Keep in mind that the shape of your car is also an important factor on your design. A good designer will work to make the wrap look more natural with your vehicle. For instance, sporty cars look awesome with sleek fonts and dynamic designs. Pickup trucks can look fantastic in hot pink, too. You just need to choose a design that flows with the contours of your vehicle.

Car wraps have non-marketing benefits, too. They provide a predictable fixed-advertising cost as well as preserve your vehicle’s resale value. They protect the original paint from weather damage, chips and scratches and keep it brand new. The other two great things about them are safe removal and easy maintenance.

Unlike the yellow pages and other advertising papers, vinyl wraps have broad reach and low cost-per-impression. They can add horsepower to your marketing mix and shift your sales growth into higher gear without overspending.